Where I’ve Been, What I’ve Been Doing…

by lifeundeveloped on November 4, 2012

Remember me, Vanessa?  The used-to-be consistent author of this food blog.

Are you still here?  Are you still listening?

So it would appear as if I took a impromptu break from the blogosphere.

I didn’t plan it.  I didn’t want it.  Alas, real life happens, and responsibilities take precedence over hobbies.

I’m sorry.   Will you forgive me?

Here, let me show you what’s happening in the ‘life de Vanessa’.

I went home to Jersey for a dear friend’s wedding [Congrats Josh + Brenna!].

While I was there I caught up with friends, saw family and did as us Jersey peeps do and ate pork roll, egg and cheese sandwiches.


I somehow survived the DNC.

It wasn’t easy.  I slept at work for two days. Need I say more?

At the end of the day though, it is pretty cool to say I was part of something huge like that.

I went to Chicago for the first time ever.

It was for work training.

It was fun.  I met a lot of awesome people and ate a ton of amazing food.

Perks of Chi-Town: Eating at The Purple Pig.  Discovering what a “Sunny roll” is and immediately ordering another [it’s sushi and has mango and sunflower seeds inside with fish].  Window shopping along Michigan Ave.  Experiencing The Boiler Room and their PB&J special!

Seeing fellow co workers faces after eating a XXX chicken wing from Jake Melnick’s = PRICELESS.  Seriously they chase it with milk and bread.  My eyes watered as soon as they put the basket of wings on the table.

And that’s only a few.

Fall happened…

I love fall and all it has to offer. I like wearing boots and chunky sweater that make you feel comfy.

Unfortunately because I’ve been ALL over the place, I wasn’t able to take a mountain trip to see all of the beautiful foliage.


I saw my friend Mary for the first time in a while when she invited me to Heist Brewery’s VIP tasting.

It was awesome and I really want to go back.

The chef is crazy but in a good way.  I like the way he thinks.  So innovative.

P.S. those cotton candy puffs are INSANE.  It’s shrimp on a skewer and wrapped with lemon wasabi cotton candy.

Work is back to being non-stop busy.

We did a plated gala for 600 people.

Plated salad.  Plated Entree.  Plated dessert.  Plated hors d’oeuvres.

A couple hors d’oeuvres:

Pastrami style smoked salmon sandwich with caper boursin spread, red onions, mixed greens.

These were time consuming, but pretty darn good.

Wontons cups with ancho spiced shrimp, red slaw and green pico.

Bobcats season is back full force!

We’ve had a few preseason games and just had our home opener!

Hope it’s shaping up to be a good season!  The better the team is the better the restaurant does!

I had fun and made different flavored fruit water for a brunch service we put on.

Pineapple, watermelon, honeydew and cantaloupe.

They were cool and refreshing.  Would be delicious spiked :-)

So as you can see I’ve been pretty busy.  Hopefully I’ll be able to actually find the time to pick up my camera again and get back in the groove.

However recently I’ve been so preoccupied with the devastation that hurricane Sandy made in my home state of New Jersey!

The pictures are just incredibly heart-wrenching.  I’m not sure I can put it all into words.

It almost feels like my childhood washed away in one single night.

My high school is in Belmar, NJ and I can’t believe the pictures I’m seeing of that quaint town that I’ve spent so many days and nights in.

Above: St. Rose high school, Belmar, NJ

Luckily all my family and friends are alive and well!  Their houses are standing.   Some were without power for days.

I feel so helpless being all they way in Charlotte! Once a Jersey girl, always a Jersey girl!  I wish I could just go back home and help clean up, rebuild and cook for all the amazing first responders, volunteers and people of NJ!

On that note, I’ll leave you with this picture I saw on Facebook.



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Mary November 5, 2012 at 2:18 pm

Glad to see you had a moment to breathe (and write)! So sad to hear about NJ. Glad your fam is ok!


lifeundeveloped November 5, 2012 at 4:53 pm

Me too Mary! Thanks! We need to catch up soon!


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