A Day in the Life — 2

by lifeundeveloped on April 11, 2012

Hey guys.

I’m currently in the midst of insanely busy two weeks at work.

Inspections, VIP visits, end of the basketball season craziness and the beginning of the golf tournament.

Hoping to be back with some recipes soon.

In the meantime, take a gander at the second “Day in the Life” post.

This was a rare, glorious day off from work…

Writing down a recipe in my notebook.

There’s a whole bunch of organized chaos up in there.

Leftovers for lunch.

[Two potato soup, quinoa cakes, sparkling water].

Latest obsession: Downton Abbey

Spent the afternoon watching the latest installment courtesy of Netflix.

Contemplating what to make with two overripe bananas.

Truth be told, I ended up freezing them for smoothies. Lame.

Taking inventory of my refrigerator.

I can’t tell you how many times I open my fridge on a daily basis, wondering what to eat.

It’s really pathetic.

Yogurt marinated chicken for dinner.

Hopefully will be able to post the recipe soon!

Sometimes I spend my nights listening to a random mix of music on my laptop.

By random I mean putting my Itunes on shuffle and letting the computer decide what song I want to listen to next.

Getting in touch with my creative side.

Sitting down with a just a notebook and pen, writing down whatever comes to mind.


Hope you enjoyed another glimpse into a day in my life.

Be back soon!

Vanessa :-)